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Scorpion Pepper Olive Oil

Wow our new Scorpion Pepper Olive Oil packs some heat and you can reward yourself once you have enjoyed the entire bottle - eat the Edible Scorpion!

Spice(and bug) lovers will definitly get a kick out of the spicy olive oil and have some fun with the edible scorpion.  The Olive Oil is hot and has a peppery fruity flavor, great on eggs(that'll wake you up!), burgers, wings, and BBQ chicken.

The edible scorpion is farm raised and are reffered to as "food grade", they come from Indonisia.  People say they "taste like chicken".

You are going to enjoy the spicy flavor of the Olive Oil and have some fun with the edible scorpion! 


Scorpion Pepper Olive Oil

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