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Celebrate a special event with by giving a delicious bottle of Artisan Olive Oil to your guests and patrons.

A bottle of premium olive oil is a great way to say "Thank you" and your guests are sure to enjoy

the attractive bottles and delicious flavors leaving a lasting positive impression of your event .

California Artisan Olive Oils - fresh bright flavors with a silky smooth texture.

Pricing includes bottle, olive oil, and printed label.  Lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Choose any flavor in our assortment, the truffle olive oil adds 20%.

24 bottles is the minimum quantity.

Quantity   24-48     49-96     97-144     145-192     193-240     249-288      

Clio        $5.45     $5.19     $4.87        $4.65         $4.32        $4.10

Apolo     $6.90     $6.65      $6.40        $6.20         $5.90        $5.65

Futura     $8.55     $8.20      $7.85        $7.60         $7.40        $7.15

Marco    $14.55  $14.10    $13.75      $13.40       $12.90      $12.60   

Contact us for higher quantities pricing


Please contact us for tasting samples, we're happy to send you samples to taste.


Artisan California Olive Oils & Balsamic

Santa Barbara, California

(805) 620-7230

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