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California Napa valley Olive Oil

LunaOlivo selects the finest olive oils from the best growers & groves in California based on terroir*. We're blending nature - climate - and genuine Californian creativity to make world class premium olive oils. 

A California Culinary Journey

Along the back roads and far from the beaten path there is a patchwork of olive orchards that have been slowly increasing in California over the past dacade.

A quiet oil boom is gaining momentum as dedicated growers are planting, tending and cultivating olive trees, and producing world class extra virgin olive oils that are distinctly Californian in style.


Talented artisan growers are embracing the soil and climate while raising the flavors and stature of authentic made in California olive oils.  The artisan olive oils of today is where the wine industry of California was 40 years ago. We're at the beginning of something very special.

LunaOlivo connects you with the finest artisan Californian olive oils.  Our goal is the same today as it was in the Fall of 2010 when we began - to bring these healthy delicious olive oils and creative flavors to fellow foodies that are living a healthy active lifestyle.

Read more about California Olive Oils, health benefits, and the definition of Extra Virgin here

LunaOlivo blends fresh natural ingredients with premium artisan olive oil to create exciting modern flavors

LunaOlivo founder Steve Barry, has traveled the world in search of deverse cultural flavors.  While traveling around the Mediterranean his interest in olive oil was sparked.  LunaOlivo Olive Oils are a blend of nature, creativity, and real Californian innovation meant to take premium Artisan Olive Oils out to the edge and beyond, and then to share these amazing flavors with other food lovers.

* A terroir is a term commonly used in the wine industry, it refers to a particular microclimate where soil, elevation and  environment give a wine its unique flavor and aroma.  At LunaOlivo we are using the same concepts to source the finest olive oils from the best groves and growers in California based on particular terroir, resulting in ultra premium olive oils with fresh bright flavors and complex characteristics.

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