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Wedding Favors

Give your guests a special favor that will create a wonderful memory of your special day

When your guests open the delicious high quality artisan olive oils you gave them they will be reminded of the wonderful time they had and how they shared your special day with you, your friends and your family. 

Ordering your Olive Oil Wedding Favors is as easy as 1-2-3

Select a Bottle

Select a Label

Choose an Olive Oil

1. Elegant Glass Bottles with Matte Black Foil Top

Clio - 50ml/1.7oz  5.5" tall  1.25" wide

Apolo - 100ml/3.4oz  7.5" tall  1.5" wide

Futura - 100ml/3.4oz  9.5" tall  1.5" wide

Custom labels with:

- Bride's and Groom's names

- Date of the Wedding

- Personal message - "Thank you for sharing this special day..." 

2. Personalized Labels

  Clio      Apolo      Futura




Put the Happy Couple on the Label

Happy Couple Photo Specifications

space on side

space on side

couple close together

high resolution 300dpi photo

3.  Premium Artisan Olive Oil


California Artisan Olive Oils - fresh bright flavors with a silky smooth texture.

Pricing includes bottle, olive oil, and printed label.  Lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Choose any flavor in our assortment, the truffle olive oil adds 20%.

24 bottles is the minimum quantity.

Quantity   24-48     49-96     97-144     145-192     193-240     249-288      

Clio        $5.45     $5.19     $4.87        $4.65         $4.32        $4.10

Apolo     $6.90     $6.65      $6.40        $6.20         $5.90        $5.65

Futura     $8.55     $8.20      $7.85        $7.60         $7.40        $7.15


Contact us for higher quantity pricing


Please contact us for tasting samples, we're happy to send you samples to try.

Send us a message or feel free to call us at 805 620-7230

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