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Olive Oil
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barrel aged
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Olive Oil

Roasted Vegetable Salad

with seasonal squash and spinach

Baked Rosemary Chicken

with mini potatoes and mushrooms

LunaOlivo was envisioned from a simple idea - to connect premium artisan olive oils from small growers, that are combining climate and nature with carefully tended olive trees, producing a uniquely Californian style of world class olive oils - and then sharing them with like minded foodies that are seeking true taste experiences that add amazing flavor plus a multitude of health benefits to create simple delicious meals that enhance their healthy active lifestyles.

LunaOlivo uses the finest artisan olive oils and blends them with fresh natural ingredients - real Basil, Garlic, Chili Peppers, etc.  The results are bright fresh flavors, smooth silky oils, and layers of complex flavors...          more...




LunaOlivo Olive Oils and Balsamic are best used as finishing oils, you can certainly start your meals with some in a pan but we think the best way to enjoy our products is by drizzling, pouring, or Spritz'ing them on your cooked meal to add  amazing flavor and all the wonderful health benefits - enjoy! 

Use on everything - - -

Salads   Soups   Chili

Vegetables   Eggs   Pizza

Pasta    Rice Dishes   Tacos   Fish   Chicken   Steak

Ice Cream   Yogurt   Fruit


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Customer Reviews

Elizabeth H., Irvine CA

Pure Deliciousness!

I purchased the Basil Olive Oil at a wine and food event here in Orange County and became addicted to the LunaOlivo flavors.  Since then I have been working my way around to the other olive oils and absolutely love how easy it is to give my meals this wonderfully delicious flavor.

Darrel and Lynn L., Palo Alto CA

Wow-ing Our Dinner Guests

We enjoy the reaction our dinner guests have when we use the LunaOlivo olive oils, they add such delicious flavors our guests have asked us if we have been to culinary school! 

Cheryl W., Palm Desert CA

Bright Fresh Flavors

I love to cook and have tried a variety of different olive oils but have honestly never found the freshness and quality that LunaOlivo olive oils have.  One of my favorites is the Indian Tandoori Curry Olive Oil drizzled over roasted chicken and roasted cauliflower, an easy and simple meal to prepare and makes me feel like a gourmet cook in my own kitchen!  

Keith C., Santa Barbara CA

Bring'in the Heat!

My wife and I are spicy lovers.  We're going through a bottle of the Hababero Hell Olive Oil about every 3 weeks, we put it on fish, chicken, steak, eggs, and pizza.  Those spicy LunaOlivo Olive Oils add a bit of fire to our meals and liven up anything we cook.

Julie A., Sacramento CA

Love those Spritz Bottles!

It's not often you discover a new way to cook and I must say the Spritz bottles have given me a new way to enjoy the delicious flavors of LunaOlivo on salads, pastas, and when we bbq fish on the grill.  It's so incredibly convenient and fun to use that I got several over the Holidays to give to my friends, now they love them too!

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