Garlic Olive Oil
For our garlic lovers! Smooth silky premium Olive Oil slowly infused with fresh garlic. you’ll taste a fresh clove of garlic like it’s just been peeled and added to you dish. Delish! An All Time and LunaOlivo Customer Favorite!

Pour in you next batch of mashed potatoes, drizzle over pasta rice dishes.

An All Time and LunaOlivo Customer Favorite!

Try with: Sauteed vegetables, on baked and mashed potatoes. Try drizzling over grilled fish, chicken, or on grilled burgers and fries. Or simply pour over pasta or rice. And you for real gourmets, drizzle a little over popcorn!

Mix with: Modena Balsamic for a great dipping oil!

Garlic Olive Oil


    Artisan California Olive Oils & Balsamic

    Santa Barbara, California

    (805) 620-7230

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