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Jamaican Jerk Olive Oil
Yea' Mon...  the exotic flavors of the Caribbean islands are wrapped in a premium silky smooth California olive oil.

Jamaican Jerk, or just referred to as "Jerk" is a blend of a variety of spices including garlic, allspice, and even clove which you'll pick up on the finish of this tasty olive oil. The fiery spice flavor comes from the Scotch Bonnet pepper commonly used in the Caribbean, similar to an habanero but not as hot in our blend here that we consider to be about medium in spicy heat.

So if you have tried our "Good Karma" Indian tandoori curry olive oil then the Jerk is the next great flavor you'll enjoy as we continue along our Culinary Adventure with Premium California Olive Oils.

Drizzle on grilled chicken wings and serve with black beans and rice, then wash it down with a cold craft beer or chilled chardonnay.

Jamaican Jerk Olive Oil

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