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Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Spritz
The origins of Meyer Lemons in the USA go back about 100 years. Fred Meyer was dispatched by the US Agricultural Dept. to travel to Asia to bring back exotic fruits and vegetables. Fred found many Chinese had a small citrus tree in their homes as an ornamental house plant. These days most Meyer Lemon trees are found in backyards as fruit bearing landscape trees. The Meyer Lemons used to infuse our olive oils are from California and Florida.

Meyers have a delightful citrus blend of lemons and mandarin oranges but without the acidic finish of typical lemons like the Lisbon and Eureka.

Try drizzling over grilled fish and chicken. Great in fresh garden salads with the LunaOlivo Citrico Balsamic.

We bake with both the Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange olive oils. Just use them instead of the vegetable oil the recipe asks for and you’ll get a much better texture plus the fresh citrus flavors. Delish!

Use as a base for dressings or marinades or to pan fry fish. Brush onto salmon, shrim

Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Spritz

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