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Spicy Bacon Olive Oil
If you are a bacon lover than you’re gonna really enjoy our Spicy Bacon Olive Oil.  With the mouth watering blend of savory bacon combined with the kick of fresh habanero on the finish.  It’s not too hot though – we consider it to be in the medium spicy range right about the same spicy level as our famous Chipotle Garlic Olive Oil .  Definitely heats things up but doesn’t have the big fire of our el Diablo or Habanero Hell Olive Oils that will leave you with a swift kick in the rear!

It’s really good and has tons of uses…

We especially like it drizzled over pizza right out of the oven, similar to the way we used-to sprinkle those red chili flakes, but now you’ll be amazed how much better pizza is with a nice medium spicy olive oil – and actually we can’t eat a dry pizza anymore!

Also pour over scrambled eggs, omelettes, quiche … any egg dish it’s great!

Pour into soups, chili, chicken wings, steak, or try blending some into the next batch of mashed potatoes.

Spicy Bacon Olive Oil

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