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Tahitian Lime Olive Oil & Coconut Balsamic

Our new fusion Lime and Coconut blend have both the Olive Oil and Balsamic in one bottle. All you do is gently shake the bottle to mix the flavors and release the magic of these 2 great flavors together.

“You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up…” that’s from that Harry Nillson song from the 70’s, and we have recreated the fun with our tropical Tahitian Lime Olive Oil in the same bottle with Premium Coconut Balsamic.


Delicious basted on grilled shrimp and fish, super refreshing on a summer salad with slices of mango to give it a tropical salad flavor. 

Simply delicious over salads of spinach and kale with fresh tomatoes, pecans and dried cranberries.  Also great poured over ice cream.

Shake it all up and let the magic pour out!


"You put the lime n' the coconut and drink both together...

       Put the lime in the cocnut and then you'll feel better...

            You put the lime in the cocnut and drink it all up... 

                  I said doctor, is there something I can take, I said doctor...!"


250 ml   8.45oz







Tahitian Lime Olive Oil & Coconut Balsamic

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