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Truffle Olive Oil
Truffle’s are subterranean fungi, or mushrooms that grow underground.  Stronger in flavor and aroma than it’s surface growing cousin the truffle is known for it’s seductive bold flavors of earthy minerals tones.

You’ll discover that our truffle Olive Oil is an amazing compliment to meals from simple to extravagant. Drizzle over french frys or popcorn all the way to premium continental cuisine.

This is the Black Truffle, not to be confused with the White Truffle which we will eventually carry as well, but the distinctive flavors of Black Truffle are bolder and more pronounced than the White truffle known for it’s softer characteristics.

Truffles are harvested with the use of dogs that sniff out the pungent odors underground. Harvest season runs from September through May and where Truffles are found you can come back next year to harvest that same again, they continue to grow in the same spot.

Truffle Olive Oil

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