Fresh Press Arbequina

We are in Harvest Season right now - and this years crop is one of the best in the last several years.


Every year we introduce a freshly picked and pressed Arbequina olive oil.  This years version is big and bright packed with bold fresh flavors.


You'll taste a big bright fresh olive on the front - distintive bold grassy flavor on the mid-pallet, like you just went out and cut your grass and took a bite of it - and a delightful finish of mild peppery flavor.  All wrapped in a smooth buttery velvety texture.


Our fresh press Arbequina is perfect with a seasonal fresh farmers market salad, sprinkled over roasted veggies, drizzeled on fish and chicken, and one of our favorites poured on a artisan pizza.


The fresh press is a limited edition and every year we create a special label to celebrate the harvest, we think this years label is one of the most attractive labels we've ever created - it has a simple elegant organic style and captues the high quality and regal stature of this years first picked and pressed California Arbequina.

Fresh Press Arbequina