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Jalapeno Olive Oil Spritz
The LunaOlivo Jalapeño Olive Oil has been one of ours and our customer favorites since we introduced it a couple of years ago.  And it continues to gain more converts all the time because of it’s bright fresh pepper flavor followed by what we consider to be a mild spicy finish.

And the uses of this delicious olive oil are never-ending, try over popcorn to spice up a snack, spritz over eggs in the morning, give a couple shots to tacos and sandwiches at lunch, spritz into soups, use on pizza and pasta at dinner… the uses are endless for this great tasting olive oil.

Here’s a little information about Jalapeños, they are dark green (red when extra ripe) and have a sweet flavor that is similar to a bell pepper with a kick on the finish, and it’s the fresh green pepper flavor with a mild spicy finish you’ll get with our delicious Jalapeño Olive Oil.

Jalapeno Olive Oil Spritz

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